The 3Ps for Career Success: Purpose, Passion, and Paycheque

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; It’s who is going to stop me.” —Ayn Rand In the 2017 HBR paper by Ron Carucci, which examines executive failure at the top, his research shows that 38% of executives said they didn’t expect the loneliness and isolation that accompanied their jobs, and 54% said they felt they […]

How are you doing? – The H R Y D Way to High Performance

As per a recent study by SAP and Oxford Economics (across 27 countries and 3000 employees) one in five high performers are likely to leave their jobs within six months—and less than half are satisfied with their jobs. The study showed that this was attributed to various reasons from a bad manager to aging job profiles that the employee could no longer relate to. […]

Solitude – A Success Tool for Today’s Leaders

Guest article by Ajay Tanna – Brisbane, Australia. Solitude has been instrumental to the effectiveness of leaders throughout history. In today’s connected world, virtually everyone is staring down at their phones instead of being alone with their thoughts. Humans have unknowingly surrendered their reflection time in favour of spending time reading texts and tweets. With […]

How about Tuesday?

Introducing [To-Your-Use-Day] Let me start with an interesting experience I had when I was interviewed by Tim Huiting in a posh five-star coffee shop for the Director HR job at Convergys almost thirteen years back. I went in expecting a set of interview questions focused on HR. But the first ball on the interview pitch landed […]

The Alice In You!

So how do we discover the Alice in you? Depends on where you want to go! It is when we need the answer most, we need to step outside our comfort zone to get it. Learnings from the most successful CEOs and even those who failed to make a comeback have been clear on one […]

Are You Hearing the Soundtrack of Your Organization?

As per the research by a US leadership development firm, nearly 40% of new executives fail within 18 months – they could be new hires or newly promoted managers within the same company. Among the reasons for this high failure rate nearly 75% fail to connect to the culture, which could be further linked to their political […]

Plan C: Culture Focused Strategy for Sustainable Business Growth

Guest article by Dr. Sanjeev Dixit – Global HR Leader, Ideapreneur and Author of highly acclaimed culture transformation book “PLAN C”. “If culture eats strategy across all three meals, then the CEO serves those meals.” Circa 2025, Headline of leading Global Newspaper reads “Many Bluechip & start-up companies world over closed down due to lack […]

Bringing Purpose Into Your Career

Guest article by Barbara Bradley Hagerty – Bestselling Author of Life Reimagined: The Science, Art and Opportunity of Midlife, and NPR correspondent for 19 years. A Harvard Business School professor once asked me: Do you have 20 years of experience, or one year of experience 20 times? To be happy in your career, you need to tackle […]

Save Jobs to Save Economy to Save Jobs

I got a call last week from a friend who runs his own decade old enterprise. He was trying to solve a conundrum – to keep his business profitable in this C19 era, how does he balance the under-pressure equation of a healthy balance sheet and a well nurtured workforce. While we debated that, it […]

The Continuum of Destruction – Are You the White Knight?

In his 2003 published research on the psychology of bystanders, perpetrators and heroic helpers, Erwin Staub made a point that most acts of destruction and genocide had three actors – those who instigated, those who remained as bystanders and few who had the heroic courage to help.  The same psychology applied to an organization translates into the […]