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My Story

Hi, I’m Ashutosh Sinha.

As a young executive, I had always dreamt of doing something big in my life, like many young people do. Obviously I had zero idea what that “big” was. When I graduated with an engineering degree followed by an MBA from a premier school, it seemed I had found my road to success and happiness.

At first, it was exciting, but it wasn’t what I had signed up for…

In the pursuit of making a good living, I lost sight of my dreams and don’t know when and how the years flew by. My career track gave me stature and money but was losing its zing – it seemed all uphill and tiresome. Life threw me a curveball when I lost my revered personal mentors, my grandfather and father, within a span of two years. It was a turning point that pushed me to pause and reflect on my journey.

Thus began my quest to search for my higher purpose. Through extensive research and conversations with numerous business executives and entrepreneurs, I learned how they not only defied their middle-age blues, but had also made their journey to the peak and were genuinely enjoying every moment of it. I discovered what distinguished the happy executives from the others was a fine line on how they approached their career.

This propelled me to distil all I had learned into a practical framework on how to energise a listless career into one which provides a deep sense of fulfilment while keeping the cash flow intact. I tried on myself at first – and IT WORKED!

I am deeply connected to my inner calling which I now refer to as the True North on the career compass. My framework has now been used by many senior and mid-level executives I mentor-partner with. I am on a personal mission to share this framework with other executives, entrepreneurs and homemakers on a sabbatical, to help them make a comeback to the rediscovered career destination, where they can be incredibly successful.

Ashutosh Sinha

Author of the Global Bestseller "Breakthrough: The Framework For An Inspired Career"

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